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About The MIX

The Media Industry Xchange (The MIX) is a resource directory and collaborative platform for individuals and companies in film and media related industries. The site is a comprehensive collaborative tool in that it is designed to:

  • At the basic level, be a free informational tool to share contact information and industry resources for those looking to develop, support, or promote their expertise, products, services, or project;

  • For premium levels, be a catalyst for packaging projects by assisting companies and individuals with creative development or promotional ideas (see the Mixer Room package);

  • Provide a platform for users to collaborate on any given project that the user chooses to make viewable to others, which in turn can help get your project off the ground. 

The Directory

The directory consists of individuals, companies, and crew members related to film, television, video and general media. Additionally, we include point contacts and companies that may not be directly related to those industries, however, they offer specialty services or products that could potentially help develop or execute your project. Please note: if you would like to contact a company or individual through The MIX, you must first create a user profile and agree to the terms and conditions of the user agreement and privacy policy. This simply helps us protect our users and ensure that the directory and its features are being used for the purposes they were intended for.

Job Listings and Classifieds

To browse current job listings and classifieds, you can click on the search button at the top right hand of the homepage. In order to post a job listing or classified, you must first become a registered user by creating a user profile. We offer free memberships, preferred, or premium listings to choose from. Click here if you would like to register.

The Mixer Packaging System/The Mixer Room

This creative platform is an exclusive feature that is available only to preferred, preferred enhanced, and premium users. It allows the user to input a project of your choice using key words to describe it and whether it is Buzz or Biz generating, and The MIX system then matches it up with method suggestions & contacts that could potentially help jumpstart the development or package it further. Potential contacts might include venues, consultants, writers, historians/field experts, directors, producers, visual & media artists, branding specialists, and various companies, all of which may be helpful in developing the project or simply helping to carry it forward to other platforms, give it continuity, or stylize your project. This feature provides an additional way to generate creative ideas for your project while also suggesting other MIX users (individuals and companies), which could help take your project from idea or concept to completion.

The Mixer Room: Additionally, this feature allows the submitter the option to make the project public, allowing other site users the opportunity to contribute to the collaborative process. Project owners can then vote on the participant's contribution, and create an update community surrounding the project.

For more information on any of The MIX site functions, contact us at info@themixchange.com.