This privacy policy explains how The Media Industry Xchange LLC (hereafter "The MIX") uses and protects your personal information. It only covers the site,, (referred to as the 'site' from this point forward). It does not cover any third party sites, software, or any other links that may be connected to the site. We do not control the privacy policies of any third parties and are not legally liable or responsible for any information you may choose to disclose to them. All users of the site will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of The MIX's privacy policy and user agreement. Non-acceptance forfeits your right to use the site.

All information, products, and processes provided through the MIX website are without warranty and guarantee in regards to their usefulness, accuracy or functionality.

Collection of Personal Information
All users of the site understand that participation is voluntary and it is at their sole discretion to provide us with any data or personal contact information. You may browse the site directory without providing us with any contact information, however, corresponding with other users through the site is prohibited unless an accurate and complete profile is created and the user agrees to be bound by the privacy policy and user agreement. Once you create a log in or a listing, your personal information is then collected. At that time, the site collects and stores your personal information. As a user, you understand that by providing your personal information to the site, you are giving your consent for The MIX to utilize such information for the reasonable execution of its current and foreseeable business model.

The site will collect and store such information as: user name, password, contact information including but not limited to name, address, phone number, email address, web address, fax number, as well as correspondence sent through the site, payment information, and if a preferred or premium member, a resume/bio/credit information, photos, sample work videos, and other general information that allows fellow users to know more about you or your company. Another user may contact you through The MIX website, but we keep your email address hidden. It is at the user's discretion to give their email address to another use outside of the site.

The site also collects and stores users' participation history and stores data through various web statistic mechanisms such as traffic stats, ip address history, etc. By using the site, the user agrees to all of these terms. The user also agrees that they have full permission and ownership to all information and ideas they submit, publish, refer to or otherwise communicate on, to, or through the site. The user agrees not to use, access, or disclose personal information such as social security, driver's license number, or any other sensitive information.

The user may update their personal information at any time by logging into their profile page. Please be aware that while we try to preserve and protect the user's information, your history of posts and other data submitted will be kept on file and could be disclosed to a third party in the case of an investigation, to enforce our policies, or assist in any other case where we are required to comply with the law.

Warranty Disclaimer
It is possible that third parties may unlawfully intercept or misuse your information. In these cases, we are not liable for the misuse of such information. We encourage users to keep their user name and password protected at all times, and if using a new computer, make every effort to clear your password history from the computer before completing your session.

The site makes every effort to ensure the information provided on the website is accurate; however, some cases of inaccuracy may occasionally arise. In all such cases, we cannot be held responsible for the misuse of information by third parties or the inaccuracies of information provided on the site. The MIX is not legally liable, whether direct or indirect, and makes no guarantees or warranties of the provided information, functionality, processes, or products advertised on the site.
As a user of the MIX website, you understand and agree that:
Your participation is voluntary, and your use of the site is entirely at your own risk. The MIX provides its services on an 'as is' basis, and has the right to discontinue any or all service(s) at any time.

The MIX does not provide any warranties to any information or product, whether explicit or implied, to any services, information, or products found on the website, including external links. All information downloaded through the MIX website is done at the user's sole discretion and risk.

The MIX cannot be held liable in any way for the damage of your computer from downloading content from the MIX website.

While the MIX makes every effort to provide uninterrupted service, the MIX cannot be held liable for the quality or disruption of any such service provided on the site.

The MIX may collect your user information and participation history to let us know how to improve or expand our services. We may also correspond with users in regards to offers, opportunities, or as it relates to the user's account, however, we will not sell the user's personal information and the user may opt out of correspondence at any time.

Third Party Websites/Web Links Disclaimer
The information the user shares with The MIX is typically presented on the MIX Directory website in order for other users to familiarize themselves with you and the services you provide. The user understands that there may be third party websites that may also access your information through our website. The MIX provides users' links throughout the website, however, the user understands that the MIX in no way can be held responsible for validating or guaranteeing the content, functionality, accuracy or usefulness of such links. The MIX is not affiliated or associated in any way with such links, their company, representatives, subsidiaries, or affiliates and is not legally liable or responsible in any way for the information, products, and services they provide. The views and opinions found on such third party sites are solely the opinions of those parties, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the MIX. The MIX does not endorse any such products, services, individuals, or processes, whether commercial or private, that are on the site.

Use of Cookies
The MIX may employ the use of cookies throughout the website in an effort to collect data and track information about our users. Cookies allow us to track such information as user name and password and recent participation, which allows us to make a user's experience more expedient and enjoyable. The site is not responsible for any third party cookies. Such cookies might exist if you were to click on a link where you would be taken to another individual or company's web page. Those third party sites may employ their own use of cookies, which The MIX is not responsible for.

Age Requirements of Users
All users must be at least 18 years of age. Please do not register, create a listing, or employ the use of this site in any way if you are under the age of 18. In the case that we learn a user under the age of 18 has registered or employed the use of the site, the account will be deleted.

Code of Conduct
The MIX does not tolerate spam or the misuse of information. You may not use any of the site's communication tools or mechanisms to solicit other users, send spam, or any other correspondence that is in violation to our privacy policy or user agreement. You may not add any contact's personal information to your personal database unless you have explicit consent from that person. Please report any suspicious conduct or site related spam to

While using this site, you agree not to post any information that may be harmful, defamatory, fraudulent, hateful, threatening, obscene, pornographic or any other material that may be found objectionable to the MIX, the public, the law, or another user. You also agree to have full ownership or authorization rights of information you submit, and at no time are you allowed to violate intellectual property rights of another party. If it is brought to our attention that any such material has been posted on the site, the content will be removed immediately and the user's account closed.

The user understands that fraudulent, misleading information or impersonation of identity is prohibited. In the case of any such event, the user's account will be removed and if appropriate, the incident reported to authorities.

Limitation of Liability
You expressly understand and agree that the MIX is not responsible or legally liable to you for any direct or indirect losses or damages of profits or any other tangible or intangible losses or damages resulting from the use or inability to use this site. The MIX is also not responsible or legally liable in any of the above cases as it relates to third parties that the user may encounter through the use of this site.

All content found on the site is copyrighted by The Media Industry Xchange LLC or its subsidiary or divisions. Copying files for commercial use is strictly prohibited. If you would like to get permission for the use of the site's content, please contact us at

General Notice
The MIX may amend or alter this privacy policy at any time. In the case of an alteration, we will notify the user by placing a notice on the site and sending an email notification to the email address on the registered user's account file. Please note that the user is responsible for keeping the email address they have on file with us updated and current, and ensuring our email addresses are able to be received with the email program you are using.